Flipping in real estate

Probably one of the most common real estate investment strategies currently at work in the market is the flipping of homes. There are several different reality TV programs that highlight individuals engaged in flipping for a living, and investors from around the world are seeking to flip for added profit in their own respective markets. Are you thinking of doing a little flipping of your own? These short little tips may help you get your start.

Where do you look for properties? A great place to find properties at a great price are at local government or bank auctions. Here you can find those homes that have recently been foreclosed, and stand amid other investors to stake your claim on the property. Properties in such situations are sold to the highest bidder. If at all possible, before going to auction, do a little due diligence; see the home, inside and out if you can. You don’t want to buy a property and then come to find out you’ll end up putting more money into the home than you’re eventually going to get out of it. This can become a black hole for investors. Ultimately, the goal is to find those ideal properties that are available for purchase at a low cost, take minimal repairs to get ready for sell, and generate a higher return than what you initially paid for the property. Flipping is a short and sweet strategy that even the beginning investor can take part in.

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  1. I never thought of doing this as i been at the chapeter 13 office 3 times to keep my home and eventually lost it someone got a great deal do you maen that I;ll bee able to be on the other side and take advantage with your financing to buy homes on the steps of the court house and i;m curerenty in a wheel chair will that be a hinderance or can I buy and flip homes witha alptop and a cell phone I went to a 5 hour seminar and awaiting the 2K to get stareted I’M VERY EXCITED PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP AND LET ME KNOW HOW TO GET STARTED FROM ZIP CODE 34285 THANKS HOWIE

    howard siegel

    May 1, 2015

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