Michigan Markets

As far as the year 2014 was concerned, the amount of real estate deals happening in and around Detroit, MI increased exponentially. Even investors from as far as Beijing, China are taking part in the boom that is currently underway in one of America’s larger cities. But why? And if people from halfway across the world are investing in US markets, what should that say to you as an investor?

With Detroit’s recent declaration of bankruptcy came an increased number of vacated homes and foreclosed properties. That being said, the market is bouncing back at an incredible rate with how great some of the deals are in and around the city. Many of these homes, businesses, and other real estate related assets are in great locations prime for growth, so much so that it’s taking on the notice of international investors. With price and location both being large factors in the marketability of a property, now is the time to jump on these opportunities being presented in Michigan. Whether living in the US or overseas, the deals of Detroit are calling.



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