Every part of our learning experience is here to help you understand and implement investment strategies. All of the lessons included in your schedule are available to you 24/7.


What Summit Edu Offers

Here at Summit Edu, we want nothing more than to see our clients succeed. With that, we seek to provide the best training and education to all we work with. From our key team players and educators to our top-of-the-line training material, our investment strategies have been carefully planned out to help all of our participants learn what they need to know in order to make there mark on the investment world.


Live Training


-Introductory Events-

This is an opportunity for prospective students to see firsthand what all goes into investing and what opportunities there are for them to make a profit, all for free! Strategies and investment tools are discussed and introduced to help give a better idea of what to expect as an investor.

-Workshop Events-

Over a 3-day period, our workshop takes the student deeper into the strategies of investing by explaining additional tips, tools, and tactics, and how they relate to the investment work done in the markets as they stand today.

-In-field Events & Training-

Here our students leave the classroom and learn how to apply what they’ve been taught in their own individual markets and niches. This step in the education process provides context to everything they’ve learned in the classroom and gives them the opportunity to learn things that can only be taught in the field while on site.

-Advanced Student Events-

Exclusive events and opportunities are offered to those students who choose to take their education even further, including events where they can receive training personally from some of the top investing trainers available, and participation in camps that help to further their experience. These advanced events even provide the opportunity to purchase assets while in attendance.

-Premium Tour-

Our training tours provide students an opportunity to meet with Summit Edu’s investment specialists and be taken behind the scenes into how today’s investment markets work. These tours lend an opportunity for students to network with other investors and further increase their ability to conduct better deals.


Other Trainings On Demand

There are several other trainings available online to further the investor training of our students. These trainings help to remove the gray areas about investing by giving in depth insight and understanding on various investment topics.


Additional In-Home Study

Summit Edu also provides home study courses that serve as an introductory tool for those looking to learn more of what it takes to be an investor. These take the student one step at a time beginning at the very basics of investing, all the way to the advanced tactics. Learn how deals are finalized and closed, how you ought to value your assets and make/accept offers, and more! Additionally, these programs take a look inside different financing options to help both beginning and experienced investors know how to get the most out of their investments.


We provide several different loan and investment resources to help you find the area of investing that’s right for you, and then go on from there to finance it.


Funding Through Summit Edu

Here at Summit Edu, we understand that being able to finance deals is an important part of getting involved in investing. With that, we have provided our customers the option and opportunity to apply for funding through the lender Insider’s Cash. The approval of any and all loans is conditional upon the lender and whether or not the customer meets the criteria to qualify for a loan.

Asset Protection

Our clients work hard to obtain their assets, and we want to make sure that they have the means to keep them. With the possibility of having those who would seek to go after our clients and their assets, we have provided valuable asset protection programs to provide a solid wall of protection for those we work with and the investments they acquire. Careful planning is a large part of this process, so we take the time to teach you how to put your defense strategies in place to better secure your finances. We’ve made this and many of our other services available all in one place to better serve you when and where you need it.


Are you looking to build your portfolio? We want to help. Obtain quality income results by working with our quality investments. We seek to provide you with the best.


Summit Edu’s Quality Investments

We are serious about the investment assets and trainings we provide to our customers, and with that we seek to provide them to those who are in turn serious about their own investments. Striving for excellence, Summit Edu provides multiple options for those looking to invest to further ensure that the best possible option is found.